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Classic Corvette History

Surely few who attended the Corvette’s debut in January of 1953 could have fully grasped the magnitude of the 2 seater convertible displayed before them. The Polo White roadster prototype was unveiled at the Manhattan Waldorf-Astoria Hotel and was the start of one of the most loved, successful and longest running sports cars of all time. GM’s venture into the unfamiliar realm of European performance roadsters was met with great enthusiasm by the public and press alike. So much so that GM President lost no time in putting the new Corvette into production; a scant 6 months after it’s Motorama debut.

But the road to become legend wasn’t without it’s bumps. The first year only 300 Corvettes were produced, partially because much of the assembly had to be done by hand. Production facilities and methods were still being worked out, not the least of which dealt with the innovative all-fiberglass body. 1954 saw increased production of 3,640 cars, but only two-thirds were actually sold, leaving over 1,000 Corvettes that GM had to re-badge as 1955 models. That year only 700 new cars were produced and most expected the axe to fall swiftly on the new roadster in light of such dismal sales. But to the delight of decade of collectors and sports car lovers, GM persisted with it’s 2 seater and now boasts creation of arguably the most storied, successful and enduring sports cars of all time.

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