Salvage Corvettes for Sale

Parts cars and project Corvettes


If you’ve got the skill and patience these salvage Corvettes for sale can be a great project. Here you can browse and bid on parts cars, rebuildable project Corvettes and wrecked insurance totals. If you’re looking for a restoration project and have the facilities to work on it, these deals could save you thousands of dollars.

Some of these salvage Corvettes may be totaled by insurance or just in such bad shape they’re only good for parts cars. You may also find cars that have already been rebuilt, but hold a Salvage title because of significant damage from an accident or being totaled by an insurance company.

Be sure to do your research on these cars before buying. Some may have flood damage, fire & smoke damage, or severe accident history leading to unrepairable frame damage. It’s recommended you tackle this type of project only if you have significant skill and experience with salvage cars.

For more info please see this article: Buying a Salvage Title Corvette See below for current salvage Corvettes for sale on eBay now.

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