1973-1977 Corvette for Sale

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The look of the Corvette continued to evolve from 1973 to 1977 with minor changes each year, compounding over the decade to create a more modern, if plastic feel indicative of the 1970’s. This started with a new body colored urethane bumper up front. This heavier bumper replaced the chrome versions of previous years due to new regulations. All Corvettes for sale were required to meet new federal safety standards for a 5 MPH impact. Following suit the next year (1974) the rear chrome bumper was also replaced with a similar body colored version.
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1970-1972 Classic Corvette History

Another sign of the times could be seen under the Corvette hood. The gas crisis of 1973. combined with stricter emissions regulations spelled the end for the Corvette big block in 1974. Chevrolet engineers would continue to focus on efficiency for the lighter weight small block power plant.

The convertible body style was discontinued for 1976. This was primarily due to new safety regulations, but sales data for the C3 generation Corvette played a part too. Convertible sales had started tailing off in recent years, ending with a low of only 4,629 convertibles being sold in 1975. The Corvette convertible would return in 1986 as part of the C4 generation.