1984-1985 Corvette for Sale

1984 & 1985 Used Corvettes

In it’s almost 60 years of continuous production only 1983 stands out as an anomaly, because there were no 1983 Corvettes sold. Chevrolet was behind in redesigning the new fourth generation Corvette. Production slipped beyond January of 1983 and the new Corvette already met federal safety guidelines required for 1984. So Chevrolet decided to skip 1983 and instead start selling 1984 Corvettes in March of 2003. This longer production run, combined with the anticipation of a new generation of Corvette, resulted in the 2nd highest number of Corvettes sold up to that time at just over 51,000 cars.
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1984-1985 Corvette History

The 1984 Corvette marked the start of the fourth generation with drastic changes, both in aesthetics and engineering. The overall look was more sleek and streamlined. Gone were the exaggerated swooping fender lines of the C3 generation. The new Corvette was flatter, but with slightly more ground clearance. Chevrolet continued with their advances in fiberglass body panels, leaving no exposed edges. The body panels were essentially one peice tops and bottoms, with a horizontal mid-body molding placed to hide where the two came together. This served as both form and function and was an integral part of the Corvette look for several years to come.