1978-1979 Corvette for Sale

1978 & 1979 Used Corvettes

1978 marked multiple milestones for the Corvette. Not only was it the Corvette’s 25th anniversary, it was also the first year the Corvette was chosen to be the Indianapolis 500 pace car. Chevrolet knew a good marketing opportunity when they saw it and created a limited edition Indy Pace Car Replica model. It’s most striking feature was the unique two tone paint; black above with silver below, highlighted by red and silver “Indianapolis 500” decal kit. Many buyers saw this as an instant collectible Corvette for sale , an idea fueled by the fact that each dealer was supposed to get only 1 car. In the end 6,502 Corvette Pace cars were produced with many of them selling to collectors for thousands over list price. GM also offered a second option for those buyers not lucky enough to pick up a Pace Car edition; a special Silver Anniversary paint package. About 15,000 buyers opted for this $399 upgrade, which was almost the inverse of the Pace Car color scheme. The Silver Anniversary featured dark gray below and silver above.
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1970-1972 Classic Corvette History

The major styling change for 1978 was a new “fastback” style rear window. This large wrap-around rear glass replaced the “flying buttress” sail panels from previous years. Although a fairly minor change, it helped GM keep the Corvette look fresh without a complete redesign, which would occur three years later.

The 1979 Corvette remained virtually unchanged from the previous year. In fact from the exterior it takes a keen eye to tell any difference at all, aside from a newly styled crossed flag emblem on the side and nose. Under the skin several items were enhanced for 1979, including a dual snorkel air cleaner and seats carried over from the 1978 Indy Pace Car replica. Yet even with such little change the 1979 Corvette sold by the droves, breaking all Corvette sales records, both then and today. A total of 53,807 Corvettes rolled off the assembly line in 1979.