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The 5th generation C5 Corvettes started with an all new look  in 1997. But the changes were more than skin deep. The drive train, interior and body panels were all new for 1997. In fact, the C5 Corvette is considered by some to be the first completely new Corvette since it shared almost no parts with other cars in the Chevrolet lineup. It was truly it’s own car now and definitely all Corvette.

The convertible made it’s return in 1998 after a one year absence in 1997.  In fact the 1198 Corvette was designed as a convertible, which gave it the same sport suspension as the coupe. The Corvette convertible was immediately praised by the press and won Motor Trend magazine’s 1998 Car of the Year award.

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1997-1998 Corvette History

Exterior styling had always been important for the Corvette, but extra special care was taken when designing the look of the all new C5 generation. Although a new, and certainly technologically advanced sports car, the 1997 Corvette was also styled with an eye to it’s history.

Aesthetic elements such as the almost round rear tail lights, updated “crossed flags” emblem and a passenger’s side grab handle were reminiscent of the classic Corvettes. The convertibles even got a “waterfall” panel between the seats similar to the graceful lines of the 50’s Corvette roadsters. The front fenders received a stylized “cover” or scallop that was a direct nod back to the first Corvettes produced.