C2 Corvettes for Sale

Generation C2 : 1963-1967

1963 saw the first major body style change as the C2 2nd generation Corvette debuted. The C2 is also called the “mid years” and it was a year of many firsts for the Corvette. Both the body and chassis were completely changed. A new independent rear suspension system now handled the curves with engineered precision. The coupe body style was introduced for the first time along with the traditional convertible Corvettes for sale. New for the interior were optional leather seats and air conditioning.

Production numbers had been growing steadily each year, but the popularity of the 1963 model would put the Corvette over the 20,000 mark for the first time in it’s history.

Other notable additions during the C2 time frame were the one year only Split Window design of 1963, the first big block Corvettes in 1965, outfitted with the 396 rated at 425 horsepower.

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