1970-1972 Corvette for Sale

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Styling changes in 1970 were subtle and focused on improving upon an already popular design. The twin recessed grills tucked under the front bumpers were upgraded to solid cast pieces. The front marker lights were integral as opposed to the plastic of previous years. Out back the exhaust now exited via chrome rectangular tips protruding through chrome trimmed openings in the rear valance. To avoid mud splattered fenders, all four wheel wells now had molded in flares at the rear of the wheel opening. It was a subtle styling change, which was more about function then form; more about improving the car than just moving Corvettes for sale off the showroom floor. Front fender side vents were replaced by cast pieces similar in pattern to the new grill work. The outline and horizontal bars were trimmed in chrome and expressed movement and speed.
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1970-1972 Classic Corvette History

New for 1970 was the 454 big block to replace the 427 cid. Initial horsepower ratings were 390 in 1970 and jumped up to 425 for the 1971 LS6. In 1972 the 454 was still available, but the horsepower rating system had changed to reflect net instead of gross power. This was a federal guideline to more accurately show power with all accessories hooked up. The 454 for 1972 was rated at 270 hp. For the small block lover the LT1 engine was still available as part of the ZR1 package. The ZR1 also included the heavy duty 4 speed manual, improved suspension components, heavy duty power brakes and transistor ignition.