1965-1966 Corvette for Sale

1965 1966 Used Corvettes

1965 saw some minor styling changes, but the real excitement lay under the hood. The first big block Corvettes for sale debuted in March 1965 with a 425 hp 396 cid engine with a retail price of just under $300. Due to engine height a new domed “blister” hood also came with the engine upgrade, making it hard to hide your intentions to the Mustang stopped next to you at the light. One year later in 1966 the big block bumped up to the famous 427 cid. The high performance solid lifter version was rated at 425 hp.After 1965 the fuel injection option was deleted. This problematic early injection system would eventually be replaced with a more reliable and efficient design, but not until 1982.
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1965-1966 Classic Corvette History

Other mechanical improvements included 4 wheel disc brakes now standard equipment. Transmission choices were still the 2 speed powerglide automatic or a manual in a few different variations; 3 speed, 4 speed or close ratio high performance 4 speed. Less than 10% of buyers opted for the automatic. One of the most popular exterior options were the side exhaust pipes. These side pipes ran under the door at rocker level and were serious attention getters.