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1967 Used Corvettes

1967 was the last C2 Corvette. Body styling was largely unchanged with only a few minor differences. The side gills (louvers) on the front fenders increased from 3 to 5 and now slanted forward giving the impression of speed even when the car stood still. Many of the body emblems were deleted, giving the ’67’s the cleanest look yet. Traditional Corvette knockoff wheels had to be replaced with bolt on units because of new safety laws. A new triple 2 bbl carburetor 400 hp option on the 427 big block gave a third performance choice to this engine. The “blister” hood that sat above previous big blocks was replaced with a new integral scoop.
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1967 Classic Corvettes for sale

Now one of the most collectible years, the sales in 1967 were down from the previous years. But this was probably no reflection on the cars performance or styling. It was no secret by that time that the next year’s Corvette would be completely redesigned. Customers were simply anxious for the 1968 version to come on the market and so held off ordering what they may have thought to be yesterday’s Corvette.