1968-1969 Corvette for Sale

1968 & 1969 Used Corvettes

1968 marked the start of the C3 Corvette and a dramatic new look. Based on the “Mako Shark” concept car, the new body lines were much more aggressive and stylized. Heavily exaggerated curves flowed uninterrupted from down turned nose, high over the front wheels, dipping down at the doors and then high up again over the muscular rear quarter panels. The swooped down nose and steeply raked windshield gave acres of hood to stare over from the cockpit. The seats were set back so far you felt as if you were sitting directly over the rear wheels. Indeed there were only inches between the rear wheel well and edge of the door. Amazingly this drastic change in body style sat on the same chassis as previous years.

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1968-1969 Classic Corvette History

The new look proved hugely popular and both 1968 and 1969 were record production years for the Corvette, even though quality and fitment were widely criticized by the media in 1968. Chevrolet successfully addressed the quality issues for 1969, even in the midst of a worker’s strike that year. That year production jumped over 10,000 units for a total of almost 39,000 cars. And for the first time since the coupe was introduced in 1963, it outsold the convertible. That trend continues to this day as the coupe has remained the top seller every year since.

New in the engine compartment was the Chevy 350 small block to replace the 327. While at the time it seemed a small numbers change by playing with the stoke, this new 350 would become the most heavily used and well recognized engine in Chevrolet history.