1953-1957 Corvette for Sale

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1953 was the dawn of one of America’s most storied sports cars; the Chevrolet Corvette. It was the first of it’s kind to come from the gargantuan Chevrolet, who was better known for it’s luxury land yachts and boulevard cruisers. The Corvette would be a completely different type of vehicle for GM to tackle. Europeans had been successfully producing open aired sports cars for years. Cars like the Porche, MG and the Jaguar XK-120 were catching the eye of American buyers, but in the early 50’s US car companies had nothing to offer that even came close. Harley Earl, Ed Cole and others pushed hard inside corporate GM for their own sports car; a two-seater roadster with an all fiberglass body and a true open air sports car look and feel.Continued below…

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1953 Classic Corvette History

Introduced at the 1953 New York Auto Show, the Polo White prototype of the Corvette met with an enthusiastic response. GM wasted no time and production cars rolled off the line a scant 6 months later in Flint Michigan. After a rocky start of extremely low sales and lack-luster performance, the Corvette soon began to come into it’s own, transforming into the consummate American sports car; an innovative design with blistering performance and sleek styling. And so began one of the most successful and longest running car models in history.