1995-1996 Corvette for Sale

1995 & 1996 Used Corvettes

1995 and 1996 were the final years of the C4 generation Corvette. It was also farewell to the popular ZR-1 options, which was available from 1990-1995. Some performance elements from the ZR-1, like larger brakes, were now standard on all production Corvettes. In 1995 the Corvette was also selected to be the official Indianapolis 500 pace car. Chevrolet’s marketing team took advantage of the publicity and created a limited edition Indy 500 replica. A total of 527 were sold and all were convertible with two tone paint; Dark Purple Metallic above the belt line and Arctic White below.Continued below…

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1995-1996 Corvette History

As the last of the C4 generation Corvettes, the 1996 model year included some special editions. The Grand Sport (RPO Z16) featured a new for that year LT4 engine. Boasting 30 additional horses, the LT4 featured new aluminum heads, revised cam shaft design and higher compression. Available in either coupe or convertible, the GS featured special Admiral Blue paint with white stripes as well as all black or red/black interior set the Grand Sports apart on the street. Serial numbers were unique to the Grand Sports, making them easy to verify when shopping for used Corvettes for sale.

Another special production Corvette for 1996 was the RPO Z15 “Collector Edition”. Exterior treatment included Sebring Silver paint, special emblems and trim along with 17” five spoke wheels. Although the name implies a limited production run, the reality is that over 5,400 of these were sold. So, although it’s certainly worthy of extra attention, this isn’t a rare example along the lines of the 1995 Pace Car replicas or even the 1996 Grand Sports..