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The early 90’s brought both speed and safety for the Corvette. The much renowned ZR-1 debuted in 1990 and would dominate for another 5 years. The new LT5 engine garnered instant media attention after setting several world records in 1990. These were not mere speed records, but endurance as well, including 24 hrs at over 175 mph!  But this amazing engine and ZR-1 upgrades came with a shock to the wallet, costing almost double the Corvette base price.

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1990, 1991, 1992 Corvette History

The Corvette took a major safety step in 1990 by redesigning the interior to accommodate a new driver’s side airbag. Other interior renovations included larger gauges and big button look on the dashboard, reminiscent of the early 1980’s models. Partially this was to replace the temperamental digital gauges that Corvette lovers had been less than enthusiastic about in previous years. The new decade for Corvettes ushered in a new stylish look with the 1991 model. The front was made more compact with side and corner lights giving the whole front a new and different look for the model. The rear on the other hand was made more convex with square tail lights. The wheel also acquired a new turbine look and the model looked prepared to set the trend for sports cars this decade.

1992 was marked as one of the best years in Corvette history with the arrival of the LT1 motors increasing the horsepower by at least 20 percent. In addition the cooling system was finally changed with the introduction of the LT1. The new design allowed the cylinder heads to be cooled first and then the engine, further increasing horsepower output.