C3 Corvettes for Sale

Generation C3 : 1968-1982

The C3 generation Corvette was the longest, spanning 15 years from 1968-1982. New body styling was driven by the famous Mako Shark concept car that had hit the auto show circuit the year before. The body became ‘curvier” and elements like the fenders were more exaggerated. The rear window and pillars were completely redesigned. Gone was the convex curved rear glass; replaced with a vertical window tucked between rear swooping body pillars.

The Stingray moniker continued through 1976, although with the notable exception of that first C3 in 1968. 1970 saw the optional big block engine increase to 454 ci as well as the LT1 high performance small block. the C3 generation Corvettes also saw the convertible discontinued after 1975, not to return again for another 11 years. Body styling continued to change with edges becoming less sharp and curves softening. In 1978 the rear glass changed again to a “bubble” shape more reminiscent of the earlier C2 design.

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