C4 Corvettes for Sale

Generation C4 : 1984-1996

After a very long 15 year run the Corvette was ready for a new look, not to mention a new chassis which was now 20 years old. Actually the C4 Corvette was such a radically different design that it wasn’t ready in time for the 1983 model year. Everything was new, from body to chassis to interior, and the production schedule slipped so much that there were no 1983 Corvettes sold. So, the C4 Corvette starts with the 1984 model, which was available in March of 1983.
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C4 Corvette History

The most obvious change was the new look. The C4 Corvette was more sleek and aerodynamic then it’s C3 predecessor. The previous design had an exaggerated flare to the front fenders and rear haunches, which was replaced in 1984 by more subtle body lines and an overall wedge-like shape. The windshield was raked back further and the rear glass tapered more gradually into the rear deck. Overall length was shortened by 9″ but the width increased 3″, giving a wider, more aggressive stance. The entire front clip now tilted forward (called a clam shell hood) to give much appreciated free access to the engine bay.

But the changes were more than just styling. Almost every element of the new C4 Corvette was reworked, and in many cases improved. New aluminum A-arms up front and five link independent suspension rear with monoleaf fiberglass springs made for extremely nimble handling which was raved about by the automotive press. The old cast iron 4 piston brakes were replaced with new single piston aluminum design. The interior offered new comforts like fully adjustable seats and completely digital LCD instrument display.