1993-1994 Corvette for Sale

1993 & 1994 Used Corvettes

The 1993 Corvette marked the brand’s 40th anniversary; a marketing opportunity hot off the heels of the millionth Corvette sold just a few months prior. The 40th anniversary brought on the Z-25 model clad in a special Ruby Red paint and matching red leather interior. Besides the brilliant look achieved with this model, came the introduction of a new kind of security system which included a keyless entry system. This meant that the owner of the car could lock or unlock the door as well as set the alarm to standby from a close distance of the car.
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The Corvette also became slightly quieter with some minor changes made to the engine and the wheels slightly narrowed. The 1994 model howeveer saw some changes that did not go over well with customers, except maybe the newly added passenger’s side air bag. But some other changes, such as the elimination of the glove compartment and changing the steering wheel from four to two spoke were not well recieved. Other complaints came from the design of the passenger seats, with a reduction of the side bolster. Besides these changes, there was one very useful change made to this 1994 model, introduction of the electric defogger on the rear window.