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For 2001 and 2002 Corvette engineers continued to focus on performance and speed. Much of this was acheived with innovative ideas to shave weight off the car. Redesigned tires and wheels, thinner glass and new titanium exhaust system all helped shed pounds, which lowered 0-60 mph times. Horsepower also got a small boost to 350 hp, up 5 hp from the previous version of the LS1 V8. But what you felt in the seat was the increase in torque, which GM managed to increase to an impressive 375 ft lbs for the manual transmission and 360 ft lbs for automatics. Handling too was improved in 2001 with the second-generation Active Handling system.
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2001-2002 Corvette History

One clear sign of GM’s performance mindset was the reintroduction of the Z06 Corvette. The original Z06 was a rare race-ready 1963 model costing almost 50% more than the base price at the time. The new 2001 Z06 was no less serious about performance and was clearly the top of the Corvette food chain, turning heads on the track and automotive media. The Z06 was only available as the fixed roof hardtop body style and took full advantage of the lighter weight and more rigid platform. Power for the Z06 came from the new LS6 engine; a 385 hp motor based on the LS1 base offering. The next year, 2002, would see an even greater power bump in the Z06 with¬† 405 horsepower and 400 ft lbs of torque, earning it the honor of fastest Corvette produced to date.