1958-1960 Corvette for Sale

1958 1959 1960 Used Corvettes

At first glance the 1958 Corvette seems little changed from the previous years. The overall shape and body lines were very similar, although several body panel changes had been made. More notable were the quad headlights; a styling trend on several other Chevrolet cars that year as well. Front and rear wrap around chrome bumpers were enlarged, but retained the familiar Corvette split front design; flanking a grille with heavy chrome bars. The exhaust tips were designed right into the rear chrome bumper. A very nice and unique design detail, even if it led to quickly rusted and discolored chrome. In classic 50’s fashion, even more ornament and chrome was heaped on the 1958 Corvette. Non functional hood louvers (1958 only), chrome “spears” curved down the trunk lid and triple chrome fingers peaked out of simulated side scoops. The number of Corvettes for sale was climbing each year; 9,168 in 1958 and 9,670 in 1969.
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1958 1959 1960 Classic Corvette History

Interior changes included a new dash and gauge layout as well as the first instance of the now iconic passenger side grab bar molded into the dash. Seat belts were also finally available from the factory in 1958. The convertible remained the only body style offered and sales continued their upward, although not stellar climb. Production numbers were 9,168 for 1958, 9,670 for 1959 and 10,261 for 1960.

As with previous years the power plant remained the 283 ci V8. Several variations were offered at different horsepower and induction types. Single or dual carbureted versions ranged from 230 to 270 hp. Rochester Fuel Injection was carried over from previous years and could bump the horsepower up to 290. Customers were free to chose between automatic or manual transmissions with the exception of the high horsepower fuel injected motors, which required the stronger 4 speed manual.