C1 Corvettes for Sale

Generation C1 : 1953-1962

1953, New York Motorama was the public unveiling of what was to become one of the most iconic and cherished cars in US history. A car that would become intertwined in American culture and become a beaming point of pride for US engineering and style… The Corvette.

Looking back at Corvette’s almost 60 year run it seems ludicrous to call it anything but a success. But those first years were much more precarious then many people realize. The 1953 Corvette was a bold and risky move for Chevrolet, a car company that had built it’s reputation on producing sturdy, predictable family cruisers. This was true a sports car; a two seat roadster comparable to European cars, but like nothing America had seen out of it’s own factories. In a couple of years Ford would bring out it’s own roadster, the 1955 Thunderbird, but when the Corvette hit the market there was nothing else like it.

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