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1963 marked the first complete redesign of the Corvette and the changes were dramatic. Both body and chassis were all new for the C2 generation. There was also a new body style; the coupe, giving buyers an alternative to the convertible for the first time in Corvette history. With the 1963 coupe came the Split Window, which has become one of the most well known and recognizable classic Corvettes in history. Named for the unique divided rear window, the split window design lasted only one year. Visibility concerns won out over pure styling and aesthetics, so the 1964 Corvette had a single piece of wrap-around glass for it’s rear window.
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1963-1964 Classic Corvette History

The 1963 Corvette rear styling had already been introduced with the 1961-62 models, but the new front end was a complete departure from the open mouth grill and wide eyed head lights of earlier Corvettes. The same horizontal belt line ridge seen in 1961-62 was now more pronounced and continued around the nose of the car. This gave the front end a crisp leading edge that the hood sloped down to meet. Retractable head lights completed the sleek and simple new look and would start a Corvette tradition that would last until 1995.